legacy wobble?

i bought a legacy a while ago and it had a wobble so do the legacys that you guys have have a wobble ???



Some do, some don’t.

I have two. One of them is DEAD smooth, the other has a vibe

I got one for my cousin and the bearing seat was considerably too small for the bearing, so I had to shave away some of the plastic with a pocket knife but after it was for the most part fine.

it depends… did you do anything to it… if not some just have a wobble others dont

I fixd mine by taking the caps, and wieghts off. It deosnt really change the play of the yoyo but it makes it less wobbly. I dont consider doing this if you do 5a. It makes the yoyo super light

Did it wobble from the box, or did you get it second hand?

it wobbled from the box