Please Help

Hi everyone, i’m new to the forums and yoyo’ing in general. About a month ago i bought a YYJ Legacy. Then recently i bought some Slick 6 string for it. Everything was fine until about a day ago. The Legacy has always been very unresponsive, however now when i tug on it the yoyo shoots into my hand. I opened it up and spun the bearing on each side. The side with the hole (the female half) the bearing spins fine. however when i switch to the side with the screw on it and spin with my finger there is alot of resistance and it almost immediatly stops. I checked the side and there was no dirt or anything there that could be stopping it. It has always been able to spin very well on each side. Idk what to do. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Even though there is no visible gunk, I suggest taking a Q-Tip and cleaning out the bearing seat anyway. Its worth a try.

Nothing, thankyou though

Are you sure the entire bearing seat is smooth? This has happened to me before - where the plastic got messed up to a very tiny amount which screwed up the yoyo. You may not be able to see it, but check to see if the plastic is messed up.

Lol im not suree. I cant really see anything, but it might be really small. So if the plastic was messed up, how would this happen and how would i go about fixing it?