kickside not balanced

hello,recently my YYJ kickside isnt balanced, is it a common problem? perhaps it has something to do with the caps? (i took one of them out, but as i understood it shouldnt create a problem)

thank you!

I’ve never heard of this problem before. There should be no reason for it to unbalanced as you say. Perhaps more information would help us solve your problem

what more info? lets see, i didnt mod it in anyway, i replaced the string, the bearing works fine,what else?

thanks for the help!

if it wasn’t modded or anything I have a hard time believing that’s it’s just straight unbalanced.
weigh both sides of it and see how even they are in weight.
by more info i mean; what is making you think it’s unbalanced? if it’s tilting during play it’s most likely a throw issue or a string centering issue.

i thought so to (that its because of my throw) but it doesnt happen with my metal drifter (and its the same hand throwing both of them ::))
also i tried it without throwing, just holding the string near the yoyo, and it seems to lean to one side

A yo-yo will lean to one side when not spinning or slowly rotate when spinning because you can almost never get the string exactly in the center of the bearing or achieve an absolutely perfect throw.

I think you’ll find that when you’re actually playing with the yo-yo (and not watching it on the end of the string) the leaning is insignificant compared to the other motions influencing the yo-yo. Don’t get hung up on it! :slight_smile:

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It’s you. Seriously. All you need to do is throw it more. Metal yoyo’s and plastics seem to come off the hand a bit different. Well to me it does. That may be why. if you throw it more often you will get a feeling for it and the tilt will change. Also if you take a cap out you will cause more precession. Either take the other cap out or put the one back in. Don’t worry about it. Just play and have fun. It will come around.


thank you all! :slight_smile: