Problem with YoYoJam Mega Spin Factor

I have a Mega Spinfactor. Its rather old but has been kept in a case on and off for a long while. The yoyo has been making a bearing noise, and not returning. It also has a wobble in it, when thrown straight. When you look at the yoyo closely its not perfectly balanced?

I took it apart and cleaned it on the inside, and put a new standard yoyojam bearing in it. I also replaced the Tom Kuhn brake pad on it. It definitely seems to be working somewhat better. It still has a bearing noise in it, and wobbles as though its out of balance.

I lost my yoyojam lube so I am using the bearing right out of the package with no additional lube.

Any suggestions?
If I have damaged my yoyo somehow and it is not repairable. I would like to try and brainstorm on what caused it so I can avoid it in the future.

Thank you

Is there any chance that the yoyo was under pressure while it was being stored? Are you sure it’s not just your throw? Do the finger test: throw it and push your fingernail against it for a little bit. If it stops vibing, it’s just the throw, but if it doesn’t then there’s something wrong with the yoyo.

As for the bearing noise: I would just keep playing with it and then try to get a drop of lube in it when you can.

it can be the axle may be it is lose

It can be the axle. Maybe it’s loose.

Finger test first though. Also remember that the older YYJ’s will just get weird over time. They can crack for no reason other than atmospheric pressure. Have you moved recently?

I did the finger test, and that does fix Most of the vibe. I am throwing the yoyo over a wood floor. So when I practice throwing it I can see how straight its being thrown. When I throw the yoyo perfectly its still vibing.

The yoyo was stored in a duncan strong box in cold and hot conditions.

I will get some lube for it though asap

Should I put some loc tite on the threads? Its an adjustable gap yoyo. When I put the loc tite on the threads which honestly I think look fine. Do I screw the yoyo back together with the loc tite still wet. Wont this make the yoyo very hard to adjust or take apart?

I wouldn’t recommend using lock-tite on that yo, isn’t it plastic? And if its an adjustable yo you will be loosing that characteristic since lock-tite is a semi-permanent bonding agent.

If I were you, I wouild get a new yo and or ask if one of the modders on the forum can help out with the spinfactor before it breaks for sure.

I give you credit for not giving up on it though.

if most of the vibe goes away the the rest of the vibe is normal. You won’t get that out. Also never use loctite on any plastic youo even though it has the metal inserts.

question! I have a single tom kuhn sticker on one side of the yo. I cut it out a little in the middle so it would fit over the bearing. Could the sticker being only on one side be causing the vibe?