YoYoJam Big Yo Offstring help


I just recently got a Big Yo today. I must say, it was a very different experience from my C3 Solar, Windforce 4A and my Fiesta.

The problem I have is the response. When I try to bind like I would on a normal 4A, it slips extremely easily. To return the yo-yo I have to put a wrap around it and then bind it to make it return, and even then it sometimes wont bind tightly. It has the black “O” rings. Is there a way to mod it with different pads or something to make it bind like a normal 4A? Also, these blasted O rings make my string stained with black smudges.

Anyway, thanks ahead of time.

THe Big Yo’s stock response should end up making the string get smudged. It’s the nature of the material. Deal with it. Sorry, maybe that’s the wrong answer, but it’s the truth. You can silicone it, that will resolve the issue. There aren’t replacement pads. Have you taken it apart? That bearing is large, there aren’t replacement response pads outside of those rings. Fortunately, you can silicone it, which will address your issue.

The Big Yo’s gap is adjustable. Maybe tighten it a bit? I have no problem with binds using 100% YYE poly string. Clearly in your case, it’s not that you don’t know how to bind an off-string, your other 4A throws prove you know how to do bind.

Maybe use a thicker string?

Maybe have more string in your non-throw hand to throw into the gap? That’s something I figured out for 4A in general. The Big Yo does seem to need more than a “regular” 4A would need.

Maybe pop some lube in that bearing? However, I cleaned my bearing, Terrapin X Dry Play treated it and it works just fine. Stock response though.

I’ve been too lazy to silicone it. I’m waiting until I motivated myself to silicone my Kickside, Speed Maker and 3 Speeders(not 2) and maybe some other stuff and just have an extended siliconing session.

Alright, thanks.