BigYo Silicone

Hey, Think i could silicone BigYo from here? I might get it so i was just wondering.

Oh, and if you have it- What do you think about it with OS and is the o-Ring normal size?!? please respond!

Yes - you can silicone a BigYo. It will bind a lot smoother. The O-Ring size is the same as most large YYJ bearing yo-yos. It is great for off-string, but if you are starting out, I recommend the YYJ Aquarius.

Cool, i ordered it earlier today and shipped so i will silicone it right away… or put the pads in! And I already have an aquarius ;D

It’s kinda hard to do a OS bind with a unresponsive yoyo

Not really, I can OS with a unresponsive DM… With the huge gap and I can also OS with Loop720 lol

yes its not really that hard to bind with an OS when its unresponsive i can bind my DM when its off string. and the O-ring is a large so no other yyj uses it i Believe because its the only one that will fit around the bearing it use’s. later.

keep it spinning

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