Big yo

Could you silicone it to make it less responsive.

yes, but it may end up being too unresponsive. It might get to the point where it may not be good for off-string anymore. I’m too lazy to try it on mine.

I guess i will keep the o rings and not concave it then.

siliconing a big yo doesn’t make it too unresponsive. I did it to mine, and I know someone else at a meet I go to that did it. It makes it play better. Less snaggy.

I’m willing to give it a shot. Worse case is I hate it, rip out the flowable and put the rings back in.

I do agree the rings do make it a bit snaggy.

I’m not sure how it plays over a long period of time though. like once the silicone is more broken is. because I don’t really use my big yo very often. I actually had to go throw it a few times before I replied before to make sure it was responsive enough, that’s how little I use it. haha

I know the feeling. My Fiesta XX and that yellow/white Aquarius are actually two of my favorite off-strings.

I might go ahead and silicone mine tomorrow. I think I have a few others than I should go ahead and silicone while I’m at it.

Also does anyone know how to remove the bearing?

String trick works fine.


Gently pull it off with a pliers. Rock it from side to side while pulling.