How can I make my Big yo less responsive?!

I have had my big yo for a very long time, since I got it I have wanted to make it unresponsive. Nothing that I have done works. I have tried cleaning the bearing and taking out the orings, but it still does not work. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Help… Please…

Did you try lubing it? Mostly Big Yo’s are made for Offstring. They are made responsive. But this is what you can try

Thin Lube

Make the gap bigger by untwisting your yoyo a little bit.

New string.

Try a new bearing.

Take off ALL the responce systems in the Big Yo.

~Steven :smiley:

I have tried all of this. sigh I have seen a somewhat unresponsive Bigyo, I just have no idea how that person got it that way.


I’m trying to think what could we do.

You tried a new bearing, and took off all the responsive system’s off of the Big Yo and still no unresponsiveness?

Now that I think of it, I could go try putting some flowable silicone into it and see if that helps.

Yeah, try that. If it doesn’t work i guess your stuck with responsiveness. I have nothing else i could think of to make it unresponsive.



Remember: You will have to break in the silicone first.

Alright thanks guys.