big-yo, big problems

let me start by saying that im not sure this thread belongs in this forum.

ok, i got a big yo see. i played with it for a few months after i got it, then put it down for maybe 2 or 3 months. wen i try offstring on it after that time i find it can’t bind. so what do i do? simple, this:

  1. i take out the rubber o-rings.
  2. i silicone the grooves the o-rings went in.
  3. while the silicone was still wet, i put the o-rings back in, making them sit just slightly higher then they were.
  4. let it dry.
  5. gasp at how well it worked.

when i got this idea i thought it would either not work or it would ruin my yo. then i thought, what the heck, might as well try it. it seems to work just great! now i want you guys to tell me if this was a good idea.

Is the response still in it? If so, then its how you bind, make sure your giving it enough slack.

before i siliconed it i could wrap the string around the bearing twice and it would still just fall to the ground. the mod helped a lot.

Not exactly sure what could have happened to it but I find that it wouldn’t bind strange. That’s never happened to mine.

Wait, So is it like the yoyo has no response or grip at all? Does it throw normally?

it threw fine, but the string wouldnt catch a bind.