so, I know how to bind, but today it seems that every bind I do is snagging, is it the string? the silicone?

  1. your bearing needs lube or has junk in it.
  2. your silicone is not broken in (unlikely)
  3. your string.

Thats all I can think of. It’s probably no. 1

Improve your bind.

i can bind as good a binds can be,

anyways, I put the same string on a k-pad 888, and there were no more snags, could it be the silicone?

Dude you can improve your binds by
.binding with a trapeze
.wrapping the string around the yo-yo again if it isn’t binding
.get a different bearing, probably the bearing is messed up. plus, make sure you get the right size.

Try binding straighter, make sure it goes straight down the gap.Did you put in new silicone?If you did it may be the silicone.Also make sure its a backspin bind.Try using less string when you bind.

exact opposite, the silicone’s been in there for 2 months

anyways, the string I was using is incredibly old, problem solved.