Sometimes it just stops binding...


So I have a DM, unresponsive, gap all the way closed, not modded at all (other than a broken in bearing) and sometimes the string just won’t bind. It will be binding fine, no problem, nice and tight for a while, then nothing changed, same throw and same bind technique, I’ll go to bind and the string will just slip right through. It’ll do this for a little while, making it terribly hard to bind.

Like I said, I’m not changing anything that I am doing (that I can tell at least), but it just stops working. It’ll take 3 or 4 attempts before it binds.

Anybody know what the heck is going on?

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You might have old string. I have found that older string slip more. But you can just tighten the gap if you want to.


[quote] So I have a DM, unresponsive, gap all the way closed, not modded at all

[quote] But you can just tighten the gap if you want to
Didn’t you read that Pheenix? Anyway what wou can do is iter get a new string or you can double bind it. It’s vary simple just go around it twice. i bleave André has a vid on hear for it. it==Sorry this computer wont let me inset hyper links. but you can find it in the learn section>intermediat>binding returns. when i get home i’ll put the link in.later.

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Oops. My bad.

Anyways, I think we have said it all. Your string might be worn and you can try to double bind. You might also have a worn response system. How long have you had your DM? Because it might just be a worn o-ring, but I doubt it is. That is probably everything that can make your binds slip.

Addment: It might just be a weak bind, but I doubt that as well. Go for the string.


How long should a string last? I switched them pretty often.

Last night I put a new one on, then about an hour later I was getting slippage, which prompted me to make this post. An hour seems pretty short for a string’s lifespan.

I use the slick 6 50/50’s sold on this site…

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Lube the bearing.

It helps with tighter binds. Sometimes if it’s to unresponsive it just won’t come back easy at all, that’s why the Double JD bind was invented. In all honesty though just put some lube in it for goodness sake!

Is everyone scared of responsive yo-yos? lol



man he has a good point. put some thin lube in it if you haven’t. i just amused you had.

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Well, it depends how good you are at yoyoing. Perhaps you are throwing really hard to wear the strings faster? Or maybe you are doing some amazing and extremely complex tricks. Either way, I suggest lubing the bearing would be your best bet.