Brand new DM2

I just got my DM2 in the mail yesterday woot! But I started playing with it and noticed some things that kind of bothered me. I’m hoping it’s just because the yoyo is new, but the responsive bearing isn’t that responsive at all, more often than not I have to bind return it as well and also the string doesn’t slide smoothly through the yoyo. For example when I get into a split bottom mount and make adjustments, the yoyo doesn’t glide, it sort of snags and it just doesn’t make for very smooth play. I was wondering if these will go away as the yoyo is broken in, or if I just got a bad yoyo? Help please!!

When you break in the bearing, the yoyo will be less snaggy and spin longer. For snagging, use the unresponsive bearing, if you already are using the unresponsive bearing and have the problem, once you wear our the pads a bit there will be less snags. Basically, keep using your DMII and It will eventually break in. Hope that helped. :slight_smile:

As the o rings get broken in, will it also be easier to bind?

As the o-rings wear out a bit, binds will be less snaggy, then as the pads wear out more binds will become more slippy.

As the pads wear, more binds will become more slippy? What does that mean? I’m getting super frustrated because this yoyo never returns, but when I bind, it comes flying up and hits me in the hand really hard. How do I fix this!?!?

you are contradicting your self.

Binding takes timing. Put the large bearing in and it wont return without a bind. with the small bearing, it wont return as easily as a transaxle at the $store. this is because it is a heavy throw. heavy= hard returning. I learned on the speed bearing b/c I didnt like the snags I got from the small bearing. Also, I failed my binds by messing up the catch. When I watch my friends playing with 1 of my unresponsive they cant ever catch the bind. It will just take a while to get. dont worry

Well I meant like with the responsive bearing in it won’t return when I pull on the string, but when I bind with the responsive bearing, it comes flying back into the finger that was doing the bind. Then when I put the speed bearing in, it won’t even return with a bind or sometimes even a double bind. I guess I’m not very good at it, but its incredibly frustrating…

when you’re binding, pinch the string (between your non-throw index and thumb) and take your finger out of the loop. This way, you’re finger is all out of the way and all you have to do is let go.

when youre binding and youve got the loop, how far down and into the yoyo are you supposed to bring it before you let go of the loop?

Start by doing the opposite. Do a really large bind where you’re holding the loop almost half way to your throw hand. Then get that down and experiment doing it with smaller and smaller binds. For me, the trick is to lower the loop just a bit and raise my throwhand just a bit to get the bind wrapping around the bearing and then I pop it up with my throwhand and down with the loop. I don’t actually pull the loop downwards.

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are you going via Brain twister or backwards trapeze?

Also, make sure that you have your loop (that you’re binding with) on the side of the yoyo that is spinning downwards. So if you throw it in front of you that would be the front side of the yoyo since it is spinning away from you. If you throw a breakaway, that would be the right side of the yoyo since it is spinning from your left to your right (if you were to let it spin on the ground).