How to improve tightness of binds? (Genesis slips on binds)


I need a little help with because I noticed my Genesis tends to slip on some binds especially when I’m hand starting it.

Do the factors of bearing and string matter to this?

I noticed that my DM II has tight binds now like I can actually do a slack bind pretty consistently where I can’t even get it once on the Genesis. My Dark Magic II has a konkave bearing and I guess non standard response system. It’s weird but before it was never this ‘responsive’ but one day when I hit it on the floor or something it started to improve on binds i guess.

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Have the binds on the Genesis always been slippy or is this a relatively recent thing? If it’s always happened, best suggestion I can give is to try a slightly thicker string. I find my Genesis works best with fat kitty polyester. If it’s a relatively recent thing, it could just be that the pads need replacing.



It mostly just depends on yoyos.

Try pinching the string as you feed it into the yoyo’s gap.


The response could be wearing? Thin string? Not screwed in fully? ??? ??? ???


Five players involved with binds: bearing, string, response, spin, and bind technique.

-If your binds are slipping, try changing your string. As string wears, it gets thinner and slicker, thus hindering its ability to grab onto the response.

-Check your response. A worn down response greatly increases how hard it is to bind. It may need to be replaced.

-Though bearings play the most minute part, they still factor in. Concave bearings typically make it hard to bind since they keep the string away from the response. Try switching to a flat bearing and see if that helps.

-Bind technique. Try taking a ‘bigger’ bind (grabbing a longer length of string with your NTH).

-Spin. A slower yoyo is harder to bind. For hand starts, you’ll just have to work on the technique of getting a good solid spin out of your yoyo.


Ethier you need a new response or better string ie kitty,toxic and ect




Maybe not a “better” string, but a different string will certainly behave differently; some will result in tighter binds.


I would take out the pads and silicone it, if you don’t know how to do this I can send you detailed instructions :wink:


First we need to know if the pads are wearing.

Why won’t he respond. We can’t help if we don’t know what’s wrong.


I agree, he needs to check


His original post is about 2 weeks old. Maybe he’s got it fixed…


Maybe, but you know the users here, always trying to help!


Oh snap my bad guys haven’t been able to check on the latest responses I thought my post disappeared into the forum and no one would respond.

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Yea I kindda got it fixed in a way usually its string and maybe a response pads need to be broken in a little i think cause over time it fixed itself.