any way to make my nightmare less “grippy”

my nightmare was quickly becoming my favorite yoyo but the past few times ive thrown it, it is binding terribly. like no matter how good the form on the bind, i either get a snag or the string is crazy tight and i have a huge tail. i have tried varying techniques to try to remedy the problem. een the most basic bind will have a tail no matter what i do. the bearing is fine and when i bounce the yoyo like im pulling up a responsive yoyo, it remains dead unresponsive. no string twirling around the axle so i can eliminate that. next i thought maybe i need to use a different string. several different string manufacturers and thicknesses later i am still having the same problem. the response pads are the factory ones that came with it. i ahve siliconed several of my yoyos but in my experience they can get more “grippy” with flowable silicone. not nearly as bad as this example but more so than factory style response pads. so what do i do? or is this quest hopeless and i should move on to a different yoyo that responds to my liking? as always any input and advice is greatly appreciated.

Just play it, the pads will wear down. Maybe also try recessing flowable with a credit card or spoon right after you pour for less grip.

If your getting tails from binds, than your loops are too big for the spin time. If your yoyo is spinning fast, you only need a tiny loop to feed it in to bind. If the yoyo is spinning slower than youll need a bigger loop. If you give a big loop on a fast spin, youll get a tail. It might be that the nightmare is still spinning faster than you think it is since its a powerful bimetal and they hold spin longer than others? Im not sure.

how about string tension? unwind the string from the yoyo, take the loop off your finger, hold the yoyo and let the string fall. too tight of tension will cause a bad bind and whips and all sorts of other inconsistencies. there are tricks to learn that adjusts tension as you play. hope this helps, good luck.