binding question


OK, so I am new to unresponsive. When I bind, about 90% of the time I end up with a little string tail. Here is a picture:

You can se in that picture, the little extra string sticking out. Is this normal, or should I be working to eliminate it? I am doing the 2nd bind, as seen at 1:40 in the nid return intermediate video on the site here. What can I be doing to try and eliminate this tail?


I get that too, I think its fine.


Less slack on the bind itself will make these smaller. If it doesn’t bother you or create snags no problem (you’ll get better over time). Enjoy the new hobby and nice turning point.


It’ll disappear as your bind gets better :slight_smile:


I got those for like two weeks until I got my timing and fluency right.


If you use a back spin bind, this shouldn’t happen, but even if it does with a front spin bind – it’s cool. Just be careful to not hit yourself in the face.


This is with a back spin bind. That is why I was concerned.


As long as the yo yo doesn’t snag and hit you in the face on subsequent throws, you should be okay. Also give the bearing time to suck up the string when you do back spin binds. You’ll get a feel for it. And have fun!


You might need to adjust string , I get those a lot when my sting tension is to tight .


This might be the problem. As a Noob, I often have more string tension than I should, as I don’t always adjust after tricks gone wrong. I’ll see if I can get rid of the tails by getting rid of the extra tension.


Dude, trust me it’s totally natural and has nothing to do with tension :stuck_out_tongue: You generally get these when you start doing binds because you are still new to it and haven’t really gotten it “smooth” yet. It took me 2-4 weeks before it kind of disappeared. But it’ll just go away naturally as you keep practicing…


Just noticed this got moved. Would never have considered binding a “trick” :o

Thanks for the feedback. I’ll just keep throwing and hope to see it work itself out.


Yea just keep practicing, it’ll disappear when your bind is super solid :slight_smile:


My suggestion is don’t bind like that. Its not very flashy. You will see most 1st place yoers, have flashy binds. there is a million ways to bind the yoyo. find one that you like and practice it a lot. once you got it down find another way to bind. Using the same bind after every combo is BORING… watch hiroyuki, kimmitt augie, spencer, steal one of theres.also try for binds that the yoyo is spinning towards the loop. that will make it nice and snappy.


Sure, this is the plan. I am still trying to get some of my basic tricks down with higher percentages and greater smoothness. My binds will improve as I do. In the mean time, sometimes it’s all I can do to get this bind at the end of a trick.

That said, I spent some time trowing last night, and just did a bunch of sleepers and then binds. My binds only had th tail about 20% of the time. So I am improving. I think that at the end of a trick, I am less focused and more panicked just trying to complete the trick bfore total los of control that is leading to sloppier binds. I’m sure it will come. I only have about 9 hours of throwing in the last 18 years. I’m making progress at a rate I am happy with.