Bind question

I just started using an unresponsive yoyo and learning binds. When I bind, there’s usually a few inches of string hanging out of the yoyo and whipping around as it comes back. Is that ok or just something that will stop happening as you get more practice in?


I know exactly how you feel. There is a really good video on YouTube about “bind theory “ it breaks it down really well. I believe that you are probably throwing the tail into the gap to bind. What you should do is pinch the tail in your freehand (left) and lower that hand as you raise your yo-yo hand(right). This feeds the string into the gap in a way that you can control and not end up with that extra string flapping around.


Also release your left hand when you feel it grab.

What kind of bind are you trying to do? Front or side? Getting that extra string is natural when first trying to learn binding and it eventually goes away once you learn the timing. It can be frustrating but it will start to click.


They’ll generally go away over time, but like with axle knots, snags and messy binds just become something you learn to deal with. Just don’t forget to give it some test throws to make sure the yoyo is clear before you sling it down at maximum power!


Thanks for the replies everyone. I was doing the simple front bind where you pinch the string and lift the yoyo into a mount. And yes, I’m very familiar with the halfway down tangled string slam return! Ouch.