Bind help


When I do breakaway my yoyos is a little turned and when I try to do the bind, I will have a tail and when I throw the yoyo it just jerks right back.


You need to work on your throw first, you answered your own question.


It only does it sometimes. But I need help on the bind


If your getting a huge tail – like a weed whacker – you are using too much string for your bind. Try going about 1/3 of the string instead of 1/2 and then work toward using only 1/4… you’ll eventually find a good ratio for a clean bind. If you find you can’t bind on a smaller ratio of string, be sure you are pinching the string to get into the bind. Hope this helps!

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i’m new and found when i get more tail whips, it is because of string tension. when i remove the tension, the tails go away. also feeding too much string into the bind causes that for me. practice, practice