Yoyojam Atmosphere?????

Does the YYJ Atmosphere good for 1A?
Does it sleep long?
is it good for fast play?
Is it good for Horizontals?

I like it’s weight and durability because it has Brass metals on the side and is made in Celcon Plastic…

Another Question!!!
Does the YYJ “Revolution” cracks when banged hard?

The Atmos is good for 1a.
Sleep time depends on the thrower.
If your looking for fast yoyos that can do horizontal play the Speeder or the PhenomIzm would be a better choice that a Atmos.

Eh, not really. Any of them will be fantastic for horizontal play.

The atmosphere does every thing you want

We don’t sell it here. Go here to find Solid Spin Atmosphere.

YoYoExpert Edit:
Actually current Atmosphere in stock are solid spin axle system.

Except for 2A. :wink:

Dropped GT

Except for that, yes.

Wait how cant you do Drop GT?

I can, I was just saying that it’d be a way to do 2a.

OH I thought you meant the trick Drop GT. xD

What are the down side about atmosphere?

If you suck at yoyoing, its a sucky yoyo.
Thats a downside.

Complete logic right there…

so?.. does it play good or not?

Yes it does.
It plays as well as you can. :wink:

Its a great yoyo. Can I get a lock?