Overall: Very nice. right up there with the Dark Magic.

First Impressions: Nice. I like the odd bead- blasted feel to the plastic… The metal on the yoyo is a little less than I like it to be, but it feels like a good grinder anyway. I got the yellow, so it stands out nicely. It is on the heavy side. a little heavier feel to it than the Dark Magic, and much more than the Hitman or the X-convict. The caps are cool, with all the wavey design.

First throw: I like it. it is stable, and long- spinning. Has a raw, powerful feel to it, and does indeed grind very well. It has the slightest vibe to it, which gives it the powerful feel to it. It feels good, fits in the hand, and it finish on the plastic is something else. Plays well with anything you throw at it. Built to play. Not a " precise" yoyo, is a tiny bit tougher to put through those crazed maneuvers. But not the slightest bit of play was sacrificed to make this beast.

After a while: Nothing new to report, but my bearing did expire, and needed a cleaning, but that is a bearing, not a flaw in the yoyo. This is a great play. Your next YYJ player is here.

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It was pretty good but not really in depth.

Nice review :),but
I had the chance to try this yoyo and I don’t really like it.I like the x-convict more.

my friend has the atmosphere he says its not a good yoyo but also he gets a new yoyo every week

I don’t know about you guys but the Atmosphere is a sick and smooth throw. One of my favs!