Yoyojam atmosphere

I doubt this will be of interest to many since the atmosphere has been out for awhile, but I just got one and was pleasantly surprised. I have always wanted to try either the atmosphere or the new breed, but the atmosphere looked too heavy spec-wise and the new breed is wider than I prefer. I wish I had taken a chance on checking one out sooner.

I’m not going to do a full on review, I just wanted to throw some thoughts out there for anyone whose thought about picking up an atmosphere.

Weight: I thought it would feel like a lead weight on the string, but really it just feels solid. Comparable to a 66-68g full size.

Gap: plenty wide for lots of string layers, but still binds well even with a centering bearing.

Grinds: pretty surprised here, I never thought a plastic could grind so well. Not as good as a bead blasted finish, but on par with something like a pyramatte finish.

Spin time: long spinning with little slow down since the string has plenty of space from touching the sides.

Stability: it doesn’t have the stability of a super rim weighted throw, but it is very stable and has a tendency to straighten itself out during play.

Overall, the atmosphere has my favorite quality in an undersized throw; it feels like a full sized throw in an under sized body. Giving you the spin and stability of full size and the maneuverability of an undersized.

Wow, it seems like you made the right choice. :smiley: The New Breed, on the other hand, actually feels light and floaty on the string, which is the exact opposite of ‘solid’.

I’m very tempted to try out the new breed since the atmosphere plays so well. I have a 44mm wide throw in the code and I wish it was slimmer and more maneuverable though it is an awesome throw. The atmosphere just has such surprising play for a plastic that I might have to buy a new breed anyway.

I’m thinking of trying a new breed when I have extra $$$ :slight_smile:

Great review (even though I do not have the authority to say so)

Is there any reviews in the YYJ new breed? I’m becmoing tired of searching through the whole review section.

Ok, here is one of the older one, without the solid spin axle.

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Thx! ;D