has anyone bought a atomsphere its the new yyj yoyo

and check out those new darkmagic

I haven’t bought it, but I have tried it.

They are amzing.

yyj has another metal out the night moves 5


Yeah, I need to try those.

Awesome, but this is one of those times when linking to another store shouldn’t have happened. I’m sure YYE will get them soon.

Anyways, it looks awesome. The designs look great.

It’s only not okay if YYE carries that product though. Right?

Usually yes, but it’s a YYJ which means it will most likely be carried by YYE soon, so we best stay away from it. If you want, you can reread DrYoyo’s post.

I’m really interested in this yoyo. If I recall correctly it was around the 50mm diameter mark and around 70g. The size is great but does it feel heavy?

The atmosphere is supposed to be a really good yoyo

Large bearing Celicone body
And metal rims it is a true YYJ beauty


atmosphere is for 1a or 5a?
i’m really confused…

Actually, all 1A yoyos can be used for 5A, and vice versa.

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And you can also throw those in for 3a and 4a. You could also throw 2a in there, but that’s a whole different story. (Thick lube, double wrapped bearing, very very tight gap, but possible.)