YoyoJam Atmosphere!

I was looking at the new yo-yos released on YYN, and saw this!


It’s YoyoJams newest yo-yo, the Atmosphere!

OK, so I was looking at it, and the first thing I noticed was that it said that the caps were recessed, so you can do thumb grinds much easier with the caps on!

I was comparing it to the Dark Magic and saw that it was about the same weight, the width was a little smaller, the diameter was…6 MILLIMETERS SMALLER? But that’s not it. The Dark Magic’s gap width is 3.40 mm. The Atmosphere’s gap width was…5.29!!! That’s Huge!!! I really can’t wait to try this yo-yo out, it is going to be super interesting. I might eventually buy one. Just thought I’d let everybody know about it!

that’s so nice thanks for the post

If you think that gap is huge, check out the Night Moves 5. 7 millimeter gap.

WHAT? I have GOTTA try that Samad! Thanks for telling me about that I need to get one eventually.

Wow! That looks amazing! I want to try one!

Dat looks REALLY nice! It looks kinda like a SPYY with the colors arranged that way!

coolio, I want to try it, Will they be at nats?

If YYJ has a booth there, I’m sure you will be able to try one. It’s a HUGE contest, so most likely yes.

I would prefer that you not link directly to another store.

but you cant buy them here

Sorry, I thought it would be OK since they weren’t sold here. I guess I wasn’t really thinking now that I look back on it. Would you like me to remove it or lock it?

That atomosphere looks SO SICK! I totally want one. ;D

He already removed the link. Dont think there’s a problem with the thread otherwise

Chaos, don’t take this as a mean post or anything. It isn’t meant to be. I am meaning for it to just be an informative post:

Next time, use the modify post button. No need for two posts right after each other.

Just changed it. Thanks Apetrunk, I appreciate it. :slight_smile:

Looks AWESOME! :open_mouth:

Yeah, I agree with everyone else. André said it was okay to link to other stores so long as it was a product that YoYoExpert didn’t carry.

the Night moves 5 looks sick.

IT has 24k GOLD on it and a KK MAN this might be one of the best things comming out of yoyojam ;D
(do you think gold grinds well?)

That may be true Samad, but this is a YoYoJam, and I can pretty much bet the farm on the fact that YoYoExpert WILL get one. So lets reserve that rule for things like the CLYW, and Store Exclusives please.

What is CLYW by the way? I’ve seen it pop up a couple of times and not understood what it meant. :stuck_out_tongue: