Yoyoing Is My _________

What is yoyoing to you?

Yoyoing is my stress reliever
Yoyoing is my passion
Yoyoing is my sport


Yoyoing is my life! ;D

Yesterday yoyoing was my a simple amusement, skills to acquire, a toy to play with.
Today yoyoing is my way to show the world the joy of play.
Tomorrow yoyoing may be something quite different for me. It’s different everyday but yet the same.
Yoyoing is my daily activity, not my life, but still something to look forward to.
Yoyoing is my personal reward, when the task has been completed.
Yoyoing is my tool to meet people, create smiles, experience feelings of frustration and success, to lose myself in the moment.

woah we’re getting deep in here

Yoyoing is my life, my soul, my passion, and sometimes seems like my only friend.
Also it’s freaking FUN.

Yoyoing is my passion when I run out of bacon

Yoyoing is my passion when I’m bored

Yoyoing is okay.



Yoyoing is my art to master, and while complete mastery of it is impssible, I want to get reach as high as I can.

Ambassador of the spirit within.

Yoyo’ing is definitely not my life. I can live without it. I’m not good in sports so I yoyo. Helps me avoid video games too. Life is family. But would be better if they all played with yoyos.

Yoyoing is my way to seem interesting, due to my boring outward presentation.


Yoyoing Is My Daddy

Yoyo-ing (whatevs) is a way to fulfill my spiritual quest for beauty in motion and color.


Deep man…