Yoyoing Is My _________


It is true tho…

Yes, you’ve told us. And I believe you.

…excuse to come up with ‘deep’ philosophical thoughts.

No really! It’s true. the movement and art of this sport is the only reason why I do this.

It would just be meaningless for me otherwise.

But I’m not all “deep” stuff all the time either… LOLZMBOOTFL. (yeah I made that up.)

Note the /s[arcasm] :smiley:

Oh. That’s what that little thingy meant…


My way to relax and deal with pain, fear, stress or grief.

Way to wast time.

Connection to the community


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…boredom killer.
…time killer.
…time waster.

Yoyoing is the way I spend all my money.

A hobby, stress reliever, and many other enjoyable things too! ;D

now its a way to kill my worry.


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Yoyoing is my passion

COPY CAT! hahaha X)

Portal to my private world

thing I do when I feel like yoyoing