yoyoing is getting more popular

I was at a birthday in some fancy catering hall today and got bored so me and my little cuz started to yo-yo and the waiters and waitresses were watching us. This tall guy comes in and says " 8) Hey , Are you the yo-yo kid everyone’s talking about?" and i showed him some tricks and he asked to try and he wowed me. he didn’t yo-yo but hes seen videos on youtube and he knew all about unresponsive yoyos and how to bind and do eli hops. IMO i thought that was pretty sick.

Yeah, I’m glad more and more people are yoyoing.

I think a generous amount of college students are getting back into it, including myself. I hadn’t played for over ten years and just had a sudden yearning to yo-yo again, next thing I know I’m putting in at least an hour a day.

ya i was on a cruise and i met an 18 yr old named mike that saw me yo-yo then said he was gana buy a yo-yo first thing when he gets home. but he couldn’t wait that long so he stole a yo-yo from the little kids club and he couldn’t do anything. it couldn’t sleep. so he got mad but then he gave it to me and i started looping and he was like omg ur amazing so i tought him on the last night how to loop and he was hooked. haha i can feel a giant popularity increase in yoyoing. i cant wait for the day i see him on this forum

As we say: A boom’s a’ comin’

Dr yoyo status!

im 23 and most of my friends think its cool cause they used to do it back in school. most of them just cant make that step to actually purcahse a new yoyo