My son just started to yoyo !

how great is that?

I started a month ago and yesterday I went at a friends to play yoyo, when I got home he gave me a yomega hot shot he modded so I can give it to my 8 years old son

I’ve tried to talk him into it for a few days, he didn’t want to try, so I thought I’d let it go and not force him (if he has no fun doing it he won’t be good at it anyways)

so I came home and told my son my friend gave me a yoyo just for him, and I handed him the hot shot

so he gave it a try, learned to throw properly and as the yoyo was unresponsive, he wanted to learn to bind right away. I went to bed late and got up late, he was already up and was doing great at binds, so I taught him eifel tower and brain twister and he worked on that most of the afternoon.

in the process he also grabbed my velocity and the starlite and he seems to love it and he’s definitely doing great, proper binds after half a day practice.

anyway, I just thought I’d share the love and pride

Heheheheh, That’s pretty awesome right there.

thats great!

Thats Awesome!
After a few weeks, you guys should do a Yoyo Video together.
I would like to see it. :wink:

yeah thats a good idea ;D

I thought about it, I hope he doesn’t grow bored of it, but he seems to like it and he’s usually a pretty commited kid when it comes to practicing something

I’ll definately do a video if it can be done

That’s awesome. My Daughter lost interest in about 30 minutes.