Kids and yoyos (was: El Ranchero : it's tasty!)

My youngest gets absolutely hypnotized by watching me play yoyo. I took a bit of a break and his eyes followed me … or more accurately–followed the yoyo!.. as I sat down. I was like, “Meh, what harm can a baby do?” and handed him my most valuable yoyo. :wink:

When the drool started building up and I started getting worried about my bearing, it turned out to be VERY HARD to take it from him! He had a death grip on that thing!!! Future yoyoer? Maybe!


No pedo, but that baby looks adorable, give him 14 years, and you’ll have a throwing protege on your hands!

Dude… that is the cutest little baybeeee in the world :), and with a yoyo, so adorable :slight_smile: Thank you for sharing!

Thanks guys! He’s a cutie all right. My older son (approaching 4) is already a little heartbreaker, too. And he’s keen on yoyo as well. He’ll invent tricks (the “Poo Dangle” being his favourite-- it’s a sleeper that you dangle from your butt area) and is able to identify tricks when I do them.

If he can’t identify one, he’ll ask “which one is that?” Although sometimes he doesn’t like the real name and therefore supplies his own. “It’s a matador to finger-spin, followed by a horizontal whipping bind” just wasn’t catchy enough.

“It’s the thumb whip, dad,” he tells me.

Darn right it’s the thumb whip!!

Future thrower for sure!!! He’s already hypnotized by the sport!

Awesome. My boy is almost two. I have a case with plastics I let him play with when I throw. He either walks the dog or stacks them. I am hoping he throws when older.

That’s awesome, man. :slight_smile:

My little cousin, every time he sees me throwing he points and says “Yo-Yo!” I gave him a blue Butterfly and he mostly drags it around, but sometimes when he sees me throwing, he tries to do what I’m doing and holds it in front of him shaking his arms and flinging the yoyo around. :smiley: …it’s so cute!

It’s funny, because I think most of us started as little sprouts getting a yoyo in our hands. I suppose my first would have been some sort of Duncan around '99, but the most memorable piece I had was a FAST 201. That was probably the most commercialized yoyo for a while.

Thanks for sharing Greg! :slight_smile:

I think you got a future thrower there…

My kids are the main reason I am throwing today. I threw in the mid nineties while in junior high and picked up a $3 Duncan Butterfly 3 weeks ago, my kids were in awe.

My 5 year old is still working on gravity pull and my 20 month old just walks around with that Duncan Butterfly swinging it everywhere while saying “yoyoyo”. Getting him to let go of a yoyo is definitely a problem, I make sure he stays away from my metal throws though because I may never get them back lol

My Nephew LOVES my yoyos. I walk in and he runs at my waving his arms around trying to mimic what i do (he’s about 1.5). I usually give it to him. I dont mind dings and scratches on my yoyos. The first thing he does is hold the string and watch it roll till it hits the ground… and then he drags it around everywhere he goes. Quite adorable indeed. I should probably stop taking my arctic circle to my sisters house though :wink:

Your son is absolutely adorable too i cant get over it!

Thanks everybody for the comments but also for sharing your own “kid with a yoyo” stories!

Looks like we share similar experiences. My older child also does the “arms swinging” and “dragging the yoyo” thing. I bought him his own yoyos (a Brain and a Butterfly… which I use more than he does…) to beat up however he likes.

He was doing the “look at me, I’m doing a trick” arm-swinging thing and he basically did a perfect Man-on-A-Flying-Trapeze motion. It didn’t “land” because the yoyo wasn’t spinning, but even my wife picked up on it and she looked at me in a way that said “Did you see THAT? Almost like real yoyoing!”

Hope he decides to learn gravity pull soon, but he’s not even 4 yet, so I may be jumping the gun a little. :wink:

I’ve been trying to teach my almost 7-year-old cousin simple tricks. He loves watching me whenever he comes over.

I bought my 6 year old brother a new Velocity, a Eternal Throw YYJ Canjam, and I gave him my mint Dark Magic II. He’s pretty good, he can bind perfectly and do a nooby trapeze.

He caught the attention of Harold Owens III at PNWR and Harold was all like “Wow man, can you do rock the baby?”

My 8 year old just pulled off a Dave bind for the first time last night. He’s got the front bind down, and can do a lot of those Beginner tricks on YYE. He likes the Protostar, DM2, and Fever the most. He keeps asking to have my FG Avalanche… Eventually, I’m going to run out of reasons not to just give it to him.

I dont pressure him at all, he’ll throw a lot even when I’m not around. I wish I would’ve started at that age… :slight_smile: