oh so cute!

I just needed to share this with you guys! Tonight my 9 year old and my 7 year old were throwing their Duncan Drifter and Pocket Pro Stinger respectively, and my 2 year old wanted in on the action too. He always does. Tonight was different because instead of just swinging around his Duncan Butterfly in circles around his waist like always, he was grabbing at the string and wrapping it around his hand trying to mimick things like rock the baby and brain twister! It was amazing! Even more so considering he is autistic! He kept saying “look a daddy! I sting ticks! I sting ticks!”

Warms my 1a lovin’ heart! All 3 of my kids yo-yoing together like Dad!

Anyone else with a cute and/or heartwarming story?

my 19 month old likes to swing around my old dunbcan butterfly while I’m yoyoing. and the whole time she keeps saying dodo dodo dodo dodo dodo :slight_smile:

So the next world champion is already in training.

But it somewhat scare me.
yoyo is for age 3+ right?
bearinginized yoyo for 6+

dad, you gonna keep an eye on your beloved child.

Its a butterfly… no bearings and also we all keep an eye on him. Heck we can’t help it cause he’s so cute!

cute :smiley: when my cuz can talk and walk ill teach her

despite the fact that my year old nephew can smack himself with swinging object (a yoyo with string), i cant stop him from playing with my yoyo.
so cute… :wink:

This is a story that makes me smile every time i read it. :slight_smile:

My little 5 and 7 year old cousins wanted to use my yoyos before so one used a Protostar and the other used my Equinox. Then when we got to my house I gave them a case that some dominoes were in and put cheap yoyos and stickers in it and they kept smiling and they were trying to do the tricks I do and said they learned them from me :slight_smile: but the yoyo wasn’t spinning :stuck_out_tongue: . So then we were doing yoyo battles for laughs and I made a little yoyo video for them.

Ha my 5 year old cousin did the same thing with my yuuksta.

I don’t need no stinking HUBSTACKS!!