A great evening of throwing - spreading the word

Wasn’t sure where to post this so I figured I’d just make a new thread.

As some of you may know/have read, I tend to yoyo a lot at my niece’s softball games. A kid that recognized me from a few weeks ago (that I told him that I’d bring my Velocity next time) comes up to me and asks if I brought that yoyo I told him about. So I dug it out of my bag and we headed to the grass. I showed him the whole works on how to adjust it and make it responsive and he found the setting he liked. His first few throws were pretty bad but then he started getting some good throws (as opposed to his dribbles) and actually felt like he was doing something right this time around.

Little did I know/realize, a few more kids were coming. Watching, I headed over to my bag and pulled out 2 more yoyos for them to try out. So now there’s a total of 4 of us throwing as I’m showing 2 of them that had unresponsive yoyos how to bind. They seemed to be at the age that they could pick up on it so I figured it was worth a shot to show them. Unfortunately no bind but they took the advantage of the long sleepers to mess around and experiment with different things. In the end, you could tell they were having fun. The original kid who I let try out my Velocity seemed interested in picking up one of them as he asked me about how much they were again.

In the end, I thought it was pretty cool, capturing kids’ attention and possibly getting them interested in either getting into yoyo or picking up their dusty Cosmic Spin they got at school and learning stuff. I also had a great time showing them a few tricks both basic and advanced…their highlight was Gyroscopic Flop. I think next time I might set up a couple more responsive yoyos to let people try out.