Spreading the Gospel

So I was at Target with my fiance yesterday and I was standing by the fitting room throwing my Genesis around for a bit. There was a little girl no older than 3 years there with her mom and dad, and as they were waiting for the dad to finish trying on his clothes, I let the girl try one of my Loop 900s showing her how to hold it and throw it and let the dad try the other one when he came out of the fitting room. So by the end he had challenged the mom saying “you don’t know nothing about that rock the baby and walk the dog” lol. So I let her use my Genesis as she showed her best attempt at rock the baby to the dad (of course not being able to bring it back when she was finished lol). When it was time to part ways, I heard the little girl yelling across the Target, “Mommy I want a yo-yo!” :smiley:

It just made me feel good that I’ve potentially planted the seed for a future thrower. What are your most recent/most memorable moments of spreading the gospel of yo-yoing?

I was in photography class today waiting for the teacher to get there. This guy saw my Dv888 hanging form my belt and asked me if i could do anything cool with it. obviously i had to break out the yoyo and melt some faces.
at the end he just said “im gonna hafta get me one of those”

yoyoing in public…must’ve inspired somebody…

I was at my son’s soccer practice a few weeks ago throwing one of my FHZ’s and one of the little girls on his team came up to me and asked if she could try. So I handed her the yoyo, she threw it down and and needless to say, it stopped dead in the grass. She pulled the yoyo off her finger, threw the string down, looked at me and said “that’s just silly” in the snottiest voice a 6 year old could have. I’ve never laughed so hard in my life. ;D

I was on play ground duty with my 2 friends for our vacation Bible school, and all the little kids were amazed at my yoyoing. I was pretty surprised though, when a kid came up to me and actually asked me some questions about yoyoing. All of the others just said “Wow” etc.
Also, I was at a block party at my neighbors talking to my other neighbors. And the guys I was talking to asked me so many questions. He threw some during the Yomega Boom. Also, I just had to refer him to my favorite yoyo website, YoYoExpert. :slight_smile:

Whenever i get bored between classes at college i usually break out a yoyo and start doing some basic combos and tricks which usually pulls the attention of people all together and then they usually ask me how long i have been doing that and if i’m a professional and the likes. It always seems so fun to spread cheer in the form of yoyoing

I was in shaws and i was throwing my Jensen Kimmit Superstar a little girl saw me and said “i want that red yoyo!!!” to her mom then the mom said OK and walked away lol

I was in an airport and, being bored, sniffed out my yo-yo case from our baggage. I started yo-yoing and two kids ran up tome and asked to try my yo-yo’s. No one else was nearby so I was surprised to have some kids coming to me out of the blue. I let them try a few of my yo-yo’s, and their dad was really impressed at the little toys. I didn’t really do any teaching because they had to leave almost immediately after coming up to me.

The cousins I visited during the trip weren’t impressed though lol

I did a few yoyo demos for 7th graders and some for 1st graders. At the end i had a few kids come up and ask what to buy and from where. One kid just bought a PGM from the fantabulous YYE. :smiley:

When I bring my yoyo to school some kids ask me were do can they get one I tell them that they can buy it online, when I tell them they have to pay 15$ for a decent starting yoyo they say, no way 15 dollars for a yoyo that too much.

I’ve got two stores to sell firedogs g5s 888s protostars pgms speed dials and pocket changes they sold out of every yoyo except the 888 lol

I also started a yoyo club at my school and about fifteen kids are in it

I love that story- last night I was doing the same thing at my daughters soccer practice… ;D