Yoyoing for Jesus as an Atheist

So last week while yoyoing at work a customer came in and was impressed with my skills. She asked me if I would yoyo for her CCD class on Monday (today). I said sure. So during the week I brushed up on a lot of “picture tricks” to show for the kids. And one I never learned, The Cross. Being a CCD class I figured id better learn that…

I only brought 2 yoyos with me. A Velocity and a Majesty which I just got today as well. I figured the kids could break my velocity and I wouldn’t cry about it.

So I get there, it’s in the basement of a church and there’s like 10 kids, so I said this isn’t so bad. Next thing I know about 60-70 kids come out from the classrooms and all sit around me in a circle. And I’m like OMG I’ve never competed before and the most I’ve thrown in front of is like 5 people, tops.

I was alittle nervous but I knew 98% of them knew nothing about yoyoing so I could mess up and they’d still be impressed. So I started with the velocity and threw walk the dog and all that crap, then the picture tricks. The teachers really loved the Cross. So after that I had a few kids come up and throw the velocity, that thing got dinged the heck up. Glad I brought that for a beater.

So it came time for my routine. I threw a few simple tricks and got the “ooooohhhhs and aaaahhhhs” and awesome. I was stoked. So I went for some harder stuff, spirit bomb, white Buddha and a few slack tricks and they couldn’t believe it. I had practiced a few combos and busted those out and did some high speed stuff and these kids couldn’t believe their eyes.

After about 10 minutes of throwing I ended with some grinds and my last trick was landing the yoyo in my sweatshirt pocket and got a nice round of applause.

I couldn’t be happier with my skills today. It was a great yoyo day.

I stuck around to hear what they were learning today and it was “gods gifts to people” and she used me as an example. Now me being a non believer I just say there and listened to what she had to say.

I’m glad I did this today so hopefully some of these kids beg their parents to bring them to by yoyos today after class.

I guess my point of all this is that I did my part to spread yoyoing to a younger crowd and showed them that they can have fun and learn a skill and still do something that their parents will approve of instead of growing up and being a delinquent or having to be forced into contact or overly competitive sports which I’m not too fond of.

So that’s it, just wanted to share my experience for the day. Thanks for reading.


By the way, that was my 100th post!!! Hooray for me!!

Great Story!

Thanks for sharing, Tommy!

That is great man. I’m glad religion didn’t stop you from sharing some sort of happiness into those kids.

why the title ???

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I’m a non believer and I usually don’t get involved in a church activities. I don’t practice any religion and don’t force it on my children like most parents do. I believe if you want to believe in something then that’s your choice and yours alone. If my children want to learn about god it’s up to them, I’m not going to force them to go to church like my parents did.

This is my first church related activity I’ve done since my confirmation almost over half my life ago.
I wanted to show these kids what yoyoing is all about and how fun it can be whether or not it’s related to the church.

The lady that initially asked me to do it said I’d be “yoyoing for Jesus” and I’m an atheist, so that’s why the title

Oh ok Cool thanks for clearing that up

As expected this turned into a religious discussion. I’ve deleted those posts. The thread is locked as it’s just too tempting for people to start again.