Yoyoing Pastor Wuuuuut!?!?!?!?!?

So I was at my Grandma’s this weekend helping her out with some stuff. Ad so I went to her church with her on Sunday (Today) I’ve been there before but they recently Got a new pastor. The Pastor saw me yoyoing and said wow I have seen anyone that could do stuff like that in a long time can I try it? I said sure becuase I’ve been trying to be less over protective of my yoyo’s and it was just a Shutter and we wern’t over concrete or anything. It turns out he used to yoyo back in 10th grade and he was able to do Split the adam Brain twister and a couple other things. He said “ye I own a henry’s Viper I havnt used it for a long time though” I was like “Thats cool” and so yea I met a Pastor that used to yoyo and it was cool. He thought I was like super amazing and I was like “No not really compared to other people”

So what do you guys think of that? I thought it was pretty cool

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I love hearing stories like this! It’s cool that more people throw than we realize. Awesome story!

That’s great! It’s always so cool to meet another thrower. It’s kind of weird how a shared hobby can turn 2 conplete strangers into a couple of really tight friends. I actually got into yoyoing brcause my pastor and another friend were throwing in front of me and I thought it was really cool.

My robotics teacher (FIRT-ers shoutout) can do some stuff, makes me happy.

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great story, thanks for taking the time to post it for us…


No problem


Anyways, cool story, Erik. I yoyo at my church and the pastor there loves watching me do it. He has even referenced yoyos in some of his homilies.

You should do what New Hampshire yo-yo club did, and ask him to use the church for a yo-yo club meet location. You could teach other church members’ kids some tricks. Churches have those nice high ceilings, very suitable for yo-yoing. But, I’m not sure how often you’re there.

i yoyo in my church’s lobby at first people would stand there watching me now they have gotten used to it…

Not a whole lot but it a good idea

Met a guy at my local costco that had thrown back in the “olden days” … He thought i was better than him at side play but he thought we were about equal in old style. If he tried my yoyo out i dont remember it.

I am a high school football and wrestling coach and love throwing yoyos and footballs, though they are vastly different! I frequently see high school kids from other teams throwing at wrestling tournaments (lots of down time between matches) and I’m known to spark up a conversation with them about yoyos. Most are usually shocked that I give a hoot about yo-ing.

Love the story! I’m a pastor and yoyo too. In fact, I even have a purple Henry’s Viper. Maybe I’ve got a long lost twin brother somewhere I never knew about!

Maby :smiley: