Tales of Precocious Kiddos and Yo-yos

Like a lot of people, I usually throw one yo-yo for a while (days, weeks, etc.) before switching it out for a different one in my collection. Occasionally, however, I’ll go on a bender where I throw 10+ yo-yos in the space of a half-hour, switching out one every few minutes for another in my backpack. The other night I was doing this with my 1.5 year-old daughter in the room. She would watch for a little bit but seemed to be generally occupied pushing her doll stroller in circles. When I was done I put the yo-yos back in their boxes, put the boxes back in the backpack and set the backpack by my nightstand.

Except I didn’t zip the backpack up.

The next day, when I was at work, my wife sent me this picture:

My daughter had even managed to get the slip-knot around her finger. My wife, recognizing that I probably didn’t want my daughter repeatedly throwing my Cascade to the floor, took it away from her and gave her an old rubber edged yo-yo to play with. My wife put the Cascade back in the box and put the box back in the backpack.

Except she didn’t zip the backpack up either.

A few minutes later, she walked into our bedroom to see this:

The girl knew what she wanted and it wasn’t a cheap rubber yo-yo. Luckily, she got distracted by the packets of string and no more yo-yos were harmed that day.


Awwww thats so cute! :smiley:

hehe…that’s awesome. my 5 year old is more into kendama - atm :slight_smile:

when she was ‘bout your lil’ girls age, she could ‘walk the dog’ - i.e. drag the yoyo on the floor.

thanks for sharin’ that :slight_smile:


light rain…

Cute :slight_smile:

Here is the youtube link for those who couldn’t use it (me)…




I know the feeling bud. My son will snatch a yoyo up in a heart beat lol. I have to make sure I don’t leave them in grabbing distance. My aunt found this little wooden yoyo, not really meant to be played with, but my son LOVES it. He’ll wave it around with it attached to his finger and just laughs and laughs.

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My kids love yoyo as well. The youngest loves kendama, too. I have a video I shall share when I’m back at home!

This is awesome!! I’d go for the pretty metal yoyos, too!!

The kids at my work LOVE IT when I bring yoyos for them to play with. They don’t know how to use them correctly, but just having it on their finger and rolling it around makes them feel cool.

you must be a preschool teacher… Also I love seeing kids with yoyos.