Cool Yoyo Video to Inspire Young kid(s)



I am going to give a yoyo to my friend’s 8 year old son, and I was wondering if there’s a cool yoyo video that I can inspire him with. Something that takes you thru the simple tricks, and gives a glimpse of the harder tricks, like brain twister, and maybe even atomic bomb… not a tutorial video, but more something that shows ‘this can be done’, and then if the kid gets more interested we can take it from there.

also, and a bit unrelated… is that i have $50 to spend at A2Z store in Northampton MA, and i really want to get a yoyo or 2 that are great for beginners. maybe 1 that is super basic, and then something else that has a lot more potential.

(kclejeune) #2

Well this is of me when I was 10 if you want someone close to his age. I looked pretty young I think…

It got me 7th place in MN states 2009. I can try and find something from 08 but there isn’t that much stuff.
Edit: Nope 09 is the earliest video of me still left.


Any Hiroyuki Suzuki video should do.


Any Jensen kimmitt or Steve brown videos will do.


Guys… He asked for a video of simple tricks… Not the worlds greatest players doing unbelievable tricks…


ya he’s just a little kid idk if he’s ever yoyo’d before.

hey i checked out your video. You are doing great.


Just show them an Augie Fash video… Augie inspires everyone. Plus he has a happy face that kids just love! :smiley:

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that’s why I posted a video of me :smiley:

Thank you!  But I’m like 14 now haha


Here is a video look, professionals yoyo


You don’t want to traumatize him with the video, so you don’t want it to be TOO complicated, so I honestly suggest the Fast 201 YYF video is a good choice… It has simple tricks, done in a fancy way, can’t go wrong for an 8 year old


I agree with yoing4lyf. The Fast 201 video would probably be perfect. if not that, maybe the promotional video for the YYF ONE. It definitely has some good complicated moments, but I don’t think it’s too bad. It would work for what you want. In the end, promotional videos for beginner yoyos is what you’re looking for. They’re probably your best bet.