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Allright, so this kid is only in 6th grade. This kid is so good, and hasn’t even been yoyoing a year yet. I’ve been teaching him stuff off and on, and I’m starting to teach him more now seeing that he has great potential. Check it out, drop a comment, and rate. Thanks guys! :slight_smile:

I just did like 3 of my newish tricks, nothing special from me though. But I directed this video to be Ty’s video, and he’s giving it his all with all his flashy tricks!

James Reed,

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oh dear god IVE BEEN PWND!


my argument is invalid


This IS a must watch!




Less than a year?..unbelievable.


I shouldn’t watch videos like this. My ego takes a beating. :wink:

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Hahahaha, thanks guys. :slight_smile:


You know, this will probably scare me from making a yoyo video for another year, because I look like an idiot compared to this guy. :o


I swore on that first trick, my jaw was dropped for that whole video!!!


DANGGGGGG! that kid is good :o


wowwww, this kid is super good, he is awsome… :o :wink:


Ah screw trying this kid just took a hit from apolo Ono and them Eli hopped him in the face and killed apolo


I hate watching these kinds of videos… they discourage me so much. But dang that kid is GOOD!!


I don’t know which was filthier, those tricks or that bass. good work guys


These type of videos shouldn’t be posted, as it causes many yoyoers to quit. :wink: ;D

But seriously, he’s good!


Uhhhhhhhh what just happened. Is that even supposed to be possible that kid is isane. It makes me see how totally lame I am :slight_smile:


Its awesome how a 6 year old can be so inspiring. The fact that he can do this with less than a year of experience gives me hope that i can achieve this level if i really put my mind to it.

Awesome video, thanks for sharing!



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