Yoyoing in your blood?

(Owen) #1

My great grandpa won the Tennessee state Yoyo contest when he was 15ish, so about 85 years ago; so that makes me wonder, do any of you guys have yoyoing in your blood? Do you have a parent or grandparent that yoyoed before your time?



My mom was the star of the yoyo promotion cocacola commercial in the philippines!

(Owen) #3

That’s really cool! Do you have a link to the video?


My grandpa has an old yoyo trophy from somewhere/when. And he says that he was like king of the playground when he was a kid because of his throwing skills.



i tried finding it but it was a commercial before internet was around and no one bothered to put it on youtube.


My dad used to yoyo back in school.

Well, everyone did though. :stuck_out_tongue: