Should I get these yoyos back from my parents?


Hey everyone. I’m probably an old geezer compared to a lot of you, so pardon if this post is long and boring.

I started to yoyo in the early 80’s when I picked up a now-unknown yoyo from SeaWorld in San Diego, CA. (It was pink, and heavily advertised on the box was, “Sleeps for over a minute!” To this day I wish I knew what it was.) During the boom in the late 90’s I ran 11 yoyo stores in the Southern California area. (“The Yo-Yo Store”. Creative, I know.)

Now the question is, I have a large personal collection from that era that I left at my parents’ house when I moved out over a decade ago. It’s not that it’s hard to get them, but it will be a day-long affair finding them. (Gotta love cramped, disorganized, messy attics.) I’m curious if you folks think any of them are relevant or worth the work searching for them. They include the following:

  • Cold Fusion and Cold Fusion GT
  • Every SB2 color made up to 1999
  • All the Yomega/Duncan/Spintastic/Henry/BC/Came-Yo/Small Minds models/colors up to 1999
  • That horrid Aerobie yoyo
  • All the Team Losi standard/A-line/Silver/Black models/colors up to 1999

It may sound ridiculous to the younger/newer yoyoers or those who didn’t yoyo in the 90’s, but the Tigershark and Cherry Bomb were my go-tos. The rest I don’t remember liking and just kept for collection. Except the Henry Viper that I turned on a lathe and added brake pads to - I did that before it was popular!

I just picked up some YoYoFactory models after not yoyo-ing for over 15 years and man, things have changed! I remembered about the old collection and while it would be hard to find, if you folks think there’d be interest in seeing the oldies but goodies I will try.


Might not be the best for modern tricks, but they are DEFINITELY worth getting back!


Thanks Dingo, I just experienced that. The starbursts and the lone Tigershark I still have catch often, even with the gap wide open. The Cherry Bomb’s starbursts wore out so they’d probably work well for the new generation of tricks! Haha.

I’ve been messing with a YYF Velocity since yesterday and the new yoyos are crazy!


Soooo worth getting back if you can :slight_smile:

A fair amount of us on here at least like seeing the good ol’ stuff! I’m starting to collect some plastics, but that’s sort of irrelevant.

I’d love to see them!


Will do then! That’s 2 of you already so that’s convincing enough. I’m just not looking forward to the cobwebs and roaches. :-\

(Owen) #6

Those yoyos are gold man, you gotta get them back and post a picture of the collection to here! People will love that ::slight_smile:


Yea, I’ve still got many yoyos from the '90s. You should get the Cold Fusion GT modded. I’d take a few Super Yo Renegades off your hands.


Very worth getting back. I wish I had a Cold Fusion GT to go with my Cold Fusion, very hard to get these days.


Yeah, I’ve noticed a lot of what you guys are saying. I can’t even find reviews or much information about them. Perhaps it was because these were before the days of mass Internet postings and such.

I wonder if any of you guys remember me or my store. We were in a bunch of mall kiosks and I was very active in the community back then. Tall asian guy? Haha, I don’t think that narrows it down much.


I remember the Renegade! I think I only have black ones though, I don’t know if they had any other colors in 1998. I can’t be the only one that only flipped on side over right? :wink:


Hey, I’d take a black one!

I don’t know of your store as I’m from TN but, I worked at a yoyo kiosk back in '98 or so called “Yo Momma” and I was able to play with any yoyos that were out at the time. It was a great job for sure.

If you find a Renegade you want to let go PM me.


Yo Momma. Hilarious!

I sent you a PM. I don’t know if it went through, nothing is in my Outbox. Let me know. (sorry, new here hehe)


I got it and sent one back.


Yes, those are classics and worth keeping. I have a few of those myself. Play them now and then, especially the spintastics.


If you get any old YoYoJam models, please PM me if you’d like o sell them


Pretty sure these are all before YYJ even existed.


Cold fusion GTs are totally worth getting back. those are legends.


Would u sell them?


Sorry buddy. I don’t think YoYoJam existed in 1999. ;D A year too early.


Probably not, but I know there are a lot of doubles so I have a running list of people that have asked and will keep updated. Not visiting them until August so the suspense is killing me. My mother already confirmed that she hasn’t cleaned or thrown anything out. Which after 15 years is kind of good since the yoyos are still there but also kind of weird haha.