Always wanted a Cold Fusion GT as a kid

So I basically ignored anything yoyo related after 1999 or so. I had a Bumblebee and the GT variant. I did some neat tricks but that was really it. Had troubles figuring out tricks back then because we didn’t have videos to watch, just books and magazines.

Every kid dreamed of having that Cold Fusion, but who’s mom was going to go spend over 100 bucks on a YOYO, surely not my parents.

FFWD to 2 months ago, someone on IMGUR posted a cool trick and I was like damn, that’s…what yoyos do now? Which started a google binge, finding out that Hans is running YOYOfactory which was responsible for my favorite yoyos as a kid.

FFWD I’m 34 and I have adult money…what does an adult do with adult money? YOU BUY COOL ■■■■!

Say hello to my mint condition Cold Fusion GT! Even the tin is rust free which is the only one I’ve seen of it.

This one came with a gold plated side. I can’t find any info if they released a gold/black combo but I do know they released a full 24K gold one, so either this came like this or someone had 2 CFs and swapped parts.

Also came with a comic how it was created.


congratulations! welcome to a hole you’ll never get out of…… that’s a pretty piece!


I wonder how many hundreds of these yoyos are just collecting dust in childhood closets at parents’ houses across the world.


Ya…no kidding. My first yoyos back into the game was the Confusion (obvious reasons) and the Zodiac (which was supposed to be able to run responsive which is bullshit), which just sits because I’m not good enough to do unresponsive shenanigans yet.

Then bought a Gentry Shutter in Unicorn puke colors because it looked cool.

Bought 2 sage yoyos because they were supposed to be awesome beginner yoyos and my GF at the time wanted to learn with me but they were absolute garbage. One wouldn’t sleep and the other wouldn’t respond despite cleaning the bearings so I just gave them to a friend after her and I broke up so her and her daughter could play with them.

And got an Alleycat 650b on the hook from a member here.

I still want a terrarian just because I’m a die hard fan of Terraria and got like 400 hours in it.

MIGHT go after a Deeper state because why not.


Check out a G2 Respawn if you get the chance, reminds me of a lot of the yoyos from the turn of the century.


Oh FFS, now I want one with the cool artwork >:(

Someone posted a bunch of the vid-e-yo bumblebees on ebay. Has the whole set of the old team. Super cheap too. Got a bid on the Yo Hans one lol.

I also just scored a Bumblebee GT for like 50 bucks O_O I’m flying HIGH right now.


Gooble gobble gooble gobble

One of us.

One. Of. Us.

RIP Spykez’ Wallet
A good piece of leatherwork.
A better friend.


Yeah! Modern yoyoing has come so far!

Now that you’re getting back into the yo-yo world, hit me up if there’s any tricks you’d like to learn, or want help with.

Best of luck on your yo-yo journey my friend.


I started at probably the same timeframe, and still have my bumblebee and GT. I can’t remember exactly when I first started or stopped, but I probably played for less than a year before stopping. I learned a handful of tricks, with the brain twister and double or nothing being the best tricks that I could do consistently.

Then earlier this year sometime around March, I was cleaning my office closet and found some of my old yo-yos. That was the catalyst, and now I’m all-in! Now I’ve learned several more tricks and own a lot more yo-yos. Mail days are now my new excitement :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

For me at least, the Terrarian is awesome. I’ve never played the actual game, but I have the regular and legendary yo-yos. My Legendary Terrarian is one of my favorite throws - a desert island throw for sure!

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Awesome! Glad you have found what your were looking for!

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Welcome to the club Kid! Now go put your spacers in and widen up the gap!
I also just recently got my first GT. And that’s just a really good feeling. Congratulations!


I feel like more and more, and especially recently, a lot of people are finding this hobby through their childhood passion.


I used to really want one too. That and a Samurai and an Infrared SB2.

This post has awesome nostalgia vibes.


There’s an ultraviolet at least


I’ve got a really good condition samurai with box if your interested………


Oh dang! Yeah shoot me a PM and I’ll see if I can get some funds together


I’d like some more info on this ‘Samurai’. Was it a pro-yo variation, or a TK something or other?

Super Yo Samurai
First throw with ceramic bearing also hollow spun aluminum half’s .
Thing tried to kill me once.


I didn’t realize it was you.
Forget I ever said anything.
I won’t deal with you, ever.


Alright. Thanks anyway.

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