Old School Yoer back for a new generation

So I was big into yo-yo’s back in high school (early 1990’s) and Tom Kuhn yo-yo’s were my main go to and I still have most of them. After seeing some crazy tricks on youtube I decided to get back into it and I am now the proud owner of a YYF Hectic, CLYW Campfire and 28 Stories Wooly Marmot, General Yo Mini Star, One Drop Dingo and Y Factor. I also have two YYJ’s a mini motu and mini motrix (yes I like small yo-yo’s). So after I got binding down I started to master some of my old tricks including my fav splitting the atom and have gone onto the more advanced tricks such as The Matrix and Cold Fusion. I am slowly learning but I can not put these things down. I am 34 and feel like a kid again!! I hope to get picts of the collection up soon. With all these new ones and my “old school” collection I have upwards of 40 yo-yo’s!! Great to be here and great to be yo-yoing again. Cheers!!

Thats a great story! Welcome to yoyoexpert Forums, and have a great stay here :stuck_out_tongue:
I’m glad to hear that you were reunited with yoyoing again!

Awesome!!! Just keep going with those tricks, you’re totally on the right track!

Welcome back, good to hear man keep it up!

so meny yoyos :o but you are only in the advanced

Does it really matter? With all the great yoyos available to us now, it’s great being able to get a good one from the beginning.

Welcome back to yoyoing. :slight_smile:

Yea I guess I do have a lot for my current talent level. But to be honest I am as much of a colector as I am a player and these things are so beautiful. When I was a kid i saved up for months to get a brand new Tom Kuhn SB2 it took me 6 months to save and I remember the day my parents drove me into Boston to get it. It was the fall of 1990 and I was a freshman in HS. Now I have a job and can afford them on my own so yea I may have gone a bit overboard. But hey 20 years later and I still have that SB2 from 1990 and I am sure in 20 years I will still have all of my newer purchases. But I will say that two weeks ago I did not even know what a “bind” was and now I am learning advanced tricks. At the end of the day it is all worth it to me!! Thank to all of you for your kind words BTW. Peace out my friends!!

I know the feeling. I’m 25 and used to yo-yo back in the early 2000. I have upwards of 30, among them a DV888, Protostar, set up to get a SPYY Stryker from a local guy. Having a job and being pretty stable in my lifestyle, yoyoing is such a cheap hobby.
I’m up through about Advanced Part 2 ish. I’m aiming to learn all those tricks that were out of my reach back in the day due to a lack of a good yoyo, or access to the funds for one. I used to throw pure Yomega, then picked up a Duncan Bumblebee. I put down the yo-yo’s in early high school because I was more worried about what others thought of me. It’s nice to have them back.
Welcome Back!! And check out the Buy Sell Trade section. Your collection will grow by leaps and bounds!

P.S. Did it feel wrong to throw an unresponsive at first? I fought it for a while. It just feels like training wheels, having learned everything on a responsive back in the day.

Hey!! thanks for the kind words yea it felt super weird to throw a yoyo and not have it come back I thought it was defective!! Little did I know. I remember when a good sleeper was 10 seconds long can’t do many combos on a 10 second sleeper. Boy have times changed…

Well it’s good to see another 3 decade old thrower. Heh. I’m 38 and have been enjoying yoyoing for about 6 solid years now. Old school is fun but new school is even more fun.

Good to see more oldies throwin!


Thanks!! It’s good to know I am not the only one out here (post 30 yoer). I just love it. I feel like i did back in the day when I got a new yoyo all was good. It is such a calming and gratifying hobby to have. I play guitar too and both are just so much fun to do.

old school to new school?
HEY! Just like Glen!


Old school will come back too. You can’t do all these technical tricks forever, it sucks the fun out of it. Variety is the spice of life.

HEY! Just like ed!

Haha Glen only lives less than two hours from me and we’ve never met. I need to go up to Tulsa and see him!

Hehehe, Wooly Mamoth… hehehe

Welcome to a new generation of yoyoing!