Really Cool Duncan pin found in my grandmothers stuff

My mom found this pin in my late grandmothers stuff (she collected pins). I thought it was cool and my mom said I could have it! I just wanted to show you all and if possible get a little history of it.

Thats cool. I think my grandpa had some old yoyo stuff in his attic.

Wow that is a really cool pin! If you have a Yoyo case that’s fabric around it I would put that on the case!

Definitely a cool find! I wouldn’t recommend pinning it to your case, as this style pin doesn’t lock. Keep it in your collection though for sure!

I was thinking of clipping the long sharp part so I could actually pin it to something because I have no use for it… Hmm…

Once you pin it to something, superglue the sharp point of the pin to the back of it so it stays.

No, don’t do that. It’s much better to leave it as it is.

There was a red one similar to this on ebay about a month ago. Went for $4.00.
There are none of these shown on the yoyo museum website.

Keep it as is! Think about conservation and not altering such a piece.
Great find, though! That’s some cool stuff!

I don’t think I’d sell this for $10 haha

I’m sure these folks would love some photos of that.