Help! I Found an old Duncan yoyo - anyone know what kind it is?

I found this yoyo at the second hand shop, and it looked interesting,

does anyone here know what kind it is and how old it may be?



That might be an import one from the European molds so mid to late eighties possibly , really cool find. Any other stamps on the packaging. Throw Duncan @bjardin



here are no other markings on the box or on the yoyo.

cost me $4.00

It has some nice weight to it as well, seems very nice quality, and nice condition…


If its heavy than its more likely an European mold, that’s a great score as it looks to be in mint condition. These are great players.


I’m always looking and haven’t come across anything yet. Nice find!!



I was lucky to spot it, it was in plastic bag on a shelf and in its box, I only just caught the word yoyo, and it looked old so I took a punt. seems to be a butterfly style, but I can not see any similar when i search google…

the box is really neat as well, a nice touch

still, it sits nicely with my Moose silver bullet 6000, and my Russell coke yoyo’s


some more shots, hoping someone can give me some more info on this. I can’t find anything similar in my searching…

I can’t even seem to find others with a box. ?

Thanks :slight_smile:


Is there any writing on the bottom of that container? Like a date, maybe?

unfortunately no, bottom is blank… I cant seem to see any other markings anywhere.


already answered in the the appraisal thread no ?

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there is a quick mention of them, i did see, calls them German dinosaur? but I don’t know if the Yo-Yo in the box is the same as what I have.

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yeah there is not much to go on, you are right. my bad
id follow their advice and reach to doc lucky. collector and historian with decades of info.


I was thinking the same. Hit up lucky. Maybe this is in his collection book. I have the book, i’ll take a look tonight.


Thanks, that would be awesome… :slight_smile:

I have a bunch of these, I should try and upload a picture if I can remember when I’m home.

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I think I have a blue one as well… :thinking:

They’re indeed European butterflies. 90s not 80s, made to look retro. Used an original duncan mould but a different type of plastic. They were made by the or commissioned by the at that time Duncan importer in the UK. I tried to find out who actually made them, where they were distributed to and sold etc but never got far.


I also don’t know which versions there are but they play really good. The down side is that the graphics are stickers so if you would indeed play them a lot they’d probably start looking bad fast :confused: I still need to find a double so I can keep one good and play the heck out of the other. Some are cheap 4$ sounds like an incredibly lucky find, some are sold are rare vintage collectors items :person_facepalming:

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