Hey guys,
I’m having a little trouble with my cousin right now. So a couple weeks ago we headed down to TX for a family vacation with my grandpa, usually it’s just my family but my cousin and his parents ended up coming as well, I wasn’t too bothered by this even though it’s usually just our family that goes. So I ended up yoyoing when we were just settling down and not doing much and my cousin ended up noticing (who doesn’t yoyo). First he started asking all these questions and wanted to know what the different companies all my yoyos were from. I told him a couple of them and I guess he ended up seeing my yoyoexpert contest bag as well. Well less than a week after we got home from our vacation I get a phone call from my grandpa saying, “Guess who’s the yoyo champ?” So I asked who and he said, “Your cousin, he’s amazing at it!” Now I was a little shocked and kind of angry. Now normally I wouldn’t have been so mad if normally my friend would start yoyoing like that, but the reason was, my cousin is kind of spoiled and for some reason the whole side of the family pretty much ignores me and all of my other cousins on that side of the family but him when it comes to accomplishments and hobbies and stuff like that, but for him they all go crazy for anything he does. So I also found out that his parrents ended up buying him a couple of yoyos for no reason(which kind of goes along the spoiled thing), but I thought that they might have been just like some cheap yomegas or duncans or anything like that. Well he ended up coming over to our house the next day and it turns out his parents ended up buying him a DV888 splash and a Genesis. Now I was really mad for a number of reasons: 1, he had only yoyoed for only three days total 2, he didn’t pay for anything and 3, he was obviously gunna steel my hobby and now absolutely no one will even care that I do it. The whole family thinks hes like a world champion and he can only barely do a brain twister.
Now the question is, what should I do…

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Don’t let it get to you use it as a motivational tool to get better yourself :slight_smile:

Kill him with kindness. Encourage him. Trust me the more mad you get the more he will want to do it.

If they think he’s good, and all that, push yourself(hard)!!! Get into competitions, start a club, do any little thing so they can see your true months and months of hard work, and your cousin’s 3 days of nothing!

Two things:

1: Encourage him to come UP to the level of what he’s got.
2: Continue to self-motivate yourself to improve.

3: Go form a yoyo club or arrange meets and go challenge each other and share with others. It’s always better to throw in groups. It’s more fun!

Too much hate in the world and jealousy is a over-used trait. Chance are this new “yoyo champ” is gonna burn out soon. But I’d rather see your cousin take to it and improve as well.

Spoiled or not, it’s not your problem. You continue on and share the joy that is yoyo with others. Encourage and inspire your cousin and teach him. Hopefully he will see that he will have to EARN the ability to do tricks through hard work and practice. You can’t spoil someone with skills because skills have to be learned to be earned. But, you already know that.

Not care…

Punch him. Real hard. In the face.


Kill the interloper!

Or just ignore him and do your own thing.

If he stops take his yoyos :stuck_out_tongue:

Just don’t worry about it. You got someone to yo-yo. My advice is the same as zig-zag

It’s kinda selfish to worry about someone “stealing” “your” hobby. Who cares about being “better” or having “better” things? Sounds to me like you just needa let it go. Like everyone said, now you have someone to bounce off of and yoyo with.

Who cares if he is spoiled. You are better and you know it. He is spoiled and probably going to quit in less then a month. And you have someone to yoyo with. And if hes rich just ask him for yoyos lol.

I’d say that just keep doing what your doing and try to not let it bother you too much. Like everyone has said, revenge as a motivator for success.

Most of all try and enjoy it, teach him let him teach you and use it to bond as cheesy as it sounds.

I do know how you feel and it is frustrating for you to be good, passionate etc… at what you do and only to have it stolen by your “better half”. Don’t try to paint as the bad guy to your family it will only reinforce them to be on his side. Kids like him often will just float from one hobby to another.

Just keep doing what you are doing and have fun.

I don’t think has to do with selfishness but that people have always been putting OP down while his cousin is considered the “better half”, though we don’t know all the details so it is hard to comment on.

Keep yoyoing don’t be afraid that you won’t always be the center of attention. Yoyo to yoyo not to get people to notice you. Who cares if he stole your hobby. Its not like you can’t yoyo because he does. Keep at it and maybe you will make a new yoyoer out of your cousin. If I got the future champ started in yoyoing then I wouldn’t be held I would be proud that I caused him to get where he is. And if you only take away one thing don’t be jellous just bedsit your cousin has nicer yoyos because if you do you won’t like to yoyo yourself.

Long and short is, if you’re worrying about your skills compared to his, what he has compared to what you have, the attention it brings either of you, or surpassing the other through means of “revenge”, it means you’re acting through selfish motivators.

As long as you know you’re the one working hard then that’s what matters. You got someone into this community, now it’s up to them to figure out what they want to do. You’re the best in the family in your own heart and no one can take that away from you. Be proud he has the attention span to do it. We need more yo-yo players in this world.

Just give him a high-five… in the face… with a chair…

I AM JOK-ING! you should yo-yo for fun and of course you do it for self-accomplishment but don’t hate your cousin because of a metal/plastic toy. I have a friend that saw me yo-yo and started by his parents got a nice yo-yo (for no reason) and the next day he started acting like a pro. Eventually he stopped because he couldn’t keep his yoyos in good condition and he just stopped because it wasn’t a lasting thing for him. If it’s not your cousins hobby he’s just mimicking you then it may not last

Learn black hops or gyro flop if you don’t know them already (or another impressive trick) and show your cousin. Watch him try to mimic it and fail. laugh. Also show your g-pa who’s really boss. . . haha

Help him, if he keeps with it you have a friend to throw with if he doesn’t ask him for the genesis I see it as a win-win.

Now I know everyone else is saying “don’t let it bother you” and I know that’s the right thing but c’mon we’re all only human. We’re a competetive race, my advice is to show him up. Assert yourself as the better one. That’s how it works.