yoyoing in DC

Yeah… i like this. this also is to show how i think affects are supposed to be used in yoyo videos, so comment of those as well. ( note: these are not the normal effects people normally use.) if you like them, then please comment.

I like the trick at 1:40. I didn’t really see many effects. I noticed the zooming in and out. You used that just the right way to make it good, but I think people could really make a video hard to watch if they used that too much. And also, when you digitally zoom in, you are basically cropping the picture and blowing it up. That really hurts the quality of the image, so if you are going to do that, you may want o film with the camera zoomed in(make sure you don’t use digital zoom,and only use optical zoom). That way you would be filming in the highest quality possible while still being zoomed in. But that way, you might have to shoot each thing a few times to try to get a zoomed and unzoomed shot to match up. I also noticed the color weirdness flashing after 1:00. That was fine, but I thought it was a little weird when everything turned green. Was that the " ( note: these are not the normal effects people normally use.)" that you were talking about? What software did you use?

Now that is how to use effects properly, I had just seen that DTI video, the onw with all the *'s, and that was just crazy full of bad effects, also the black guy that just walked past made me laugh, how he didn’t really understand sort of, any way nice video, good job!!!

thanks, guys! and what i meant by not the effects peeps normally use is that they normally use them throughout the whole vid. (see Djjjyo’s for refences) which is not always terrible, but i like to use mine in sync with the music, so you notice it goes intoi negative real fast sometimes when there is a big guitar power chord or something… yeah… i used Imovie (a Mac software) that comes with the computer. Its real nice. yeah… i know zooming in hurts the quality, and for that reason i normally use a nicer camera for yoyo videos, but that time i forgot it. thanks again fot the nice comments!