First yoyo video

Hey guys I’ve been yoyoing for about 4 months let me know what you think, the yoyo is Auldey luminous. ;D

cool vid and cool effects! :slight_smile:

No, not cool effects.

Let me give you some constructive criticism.

Never EVER use those effects again. They make your video look horribly amateur and will make many people turn off the video the second they see it.

Rule 1, don’t use an effect unless its absolutely ABSOLUTELY needed.

Second of all, the shots of you wearing a white shirt. Thats one of the biggest “DONT DO THIS” in yoyo videos. String visibility is horrible. White shirt, and white background. Don’t do it.

I would try maybe trying to shoot in some better lighting, as I notice quite a bit of your video seemed very gray in coloration and dim. Good lighting will bring out the string better, and just make your video more appealing.

Take this advice, and we will all be looking forward to your second video


I do video, among many other things I do.

I am not taking sides. My opinion:
The effects, ugh. 100% distraction. Didn’t like it. It was along the lines of “why does a dog lick it’s b@lls”: because it can. The effects didn’t add anything and it was far too distracting and served no useful purpose. As a result, I can barely remember what you did. Of course, being on 3 days of almost no sleep doesn’t help either.

Regarding my opinion on effects:
Only when absolutely necessary. This goes for video and audio. I don’t like to deliberately alter something unless there is a genuine need for it.

Camera angles: I’m not a big fan of non-standard angles. Enough said.

Won’t comment further. Too tired and I’m getting nasty feeling. But,I’ve been slamming you hard and I want to leave you on a high, not a low. Just keep at it. The most important things is you learn from your mistakes and keep moving forward. Nothing is a true failure as long as you can take away something useful from it.

i said they were cool never said h shouldve put them in the vid

yep thats my team member pm me if you want to be on core-sp!n