give me some constructive critiscm on my video!!!!!!!!!    enjoy watch and comment!!!

awesome. can’t wait to battle!! :slight_smile: you are good. perfect quality too.

thanx im about to put up the poll so send the video to my email again cuz it is asier that way thanx

Constructive critisisim:

Make sure to have real colors sometimes. Effects are cool, but aren’t very good if overused.

Other than that though, great video!

Awesome video! Love the effects, you are very good!


I love the song and the white affect you could see the string real well
BTW song= our truth :Lacuna coil

you did really well and i liked the effects

thanks so much guys this made me feel about myself lol but druminpython was right i went kinda overboard with the effects lol but druminpython u have to admit that it is awesome to watch lol

I don’t think the effects were awesome to watch. They were pretty much annoying. And I don’t think it’s a good idea for a battle video, as it can be a turnoff to a lot of voters. There was ONE effect that I liked, which was the white one, but still not fitting for a video battle. It might have worked if you only used the white effect and this wasn’t for a battle, but the use of effects made this video a thorn in the eye.

Addment: Do you still have the clips? Use them and make a video without a single flashy effect.

i agree the effects were kinda annoying and distracted a little. (it’s hard to watch a battle with all these lights flashing at you :o ) but other than that you had amzing tricks everything was smooth and at a good speed

i liked the combos when the white effects started and everything after that

yeah thanks for the critisisim you guys r right about the effects ill try to change it :smiley: :smiley:

Not sure the effects were needed, but liked your flow.

Yeah the special effects were a bit distracting, but good tricks!

Good job. The effects were cool, but got a little annoying.

sooo when’s the battle starting