Yoyoing at Mount Evans (14,265 feet elevation)

Hello all,

This past weekend I hiked Mt Evans (14,265 feet). It was my second 14er. We hiked via Mt Spalding and got down through Northeast face of Mt Evans.
Winds were 35 mph at some points. Temperature was 15F when we started and it did not go beyond 35 the whole time we were up.
Anyway, So I took my Bonfire with me ^_^. All the hikers were cheering me up there. Haha… It was fun.
Here are a few pics:

Mt Evans as seen from Summit lake in the golden hour.

Yours truly on Mt Spalding. In the background its Mt Evans.

On the summit of Mt Evans. Northern lights Bonfire <3

This week I am trying to learn a new mount. This weekend I am going on Mount Audubon (a 13er). The weekend after, it’s Pikes peak… a long 14 mile hike. I am hoping that every 14er or 13er I do, I take a picture with my yoyo. Lemme know if you like the idea :wink:


That’s awesome man! You have anymore pics?

Man you always seem to climb or hill the coolest stuff your so lucky!!!

HEre’s the full hike report: http://www.playsofrays.com/-/galleries/blog/mt-evans-via-mt-spalding

Thanks Abby. These are the perks of living in CO :slight_smile:

You need to get a Summit. :smiley:

CLYW are you listening?
I want a brand new Summit to throw at Summits :confused:

Very cool! Keep bringing your yo-yos, love these pics!

Thanks mate. I am glad you liked the photos :slight_smile: