Spinnin' at 14,278 ft: Mount Grays

Hey y’all,

I am finally back at spinnin’ and hiking.
Summer is beautiful in Colorado and I am hiking a number of 14ers this season. I just did Grays and Toerrys this past weekend and didn’t forget to take my CLYW Summit with me.
Here’s the photo. Hopefully I will do another peak next week and post a similar photo.

Sunrise from Grays’ summit

Thanks for looking :slight_smile:

That’s cool

Very nice buddy.

I climbed Mount hood. It’s a difficult climb. Crampons and ice axe required. The last pitch is just incredibly steep. If you slip you have a very good chance of dying. Its quite the experience. 6 miles one way and over 6000 feet of elevation gain. You start at 5800. Covered in ice all year round. Also you climb in the dark. Start at 10 pm because the snow is more stable.

Epic! There is no mountain that yo-yos cannot conquer! ;D