Which mount/trick is the best to take a picture?


Here’s one more weird question for y’all:
What mount or trick is the best looking when you want to take a picture? When you take pictures, what mount do you go in or which trick do you do?

I asked this because I am hiking Mt Elbert this weekend. Its the highest peak in CO and the second highest in the USA. I want a picture taken on the summit with my yoyo.
Now, which mount can I do which would make a good picture? It should show in the photo that I am playing yoyo.

Hops and boing-e-boing are definitely some cool tricks but a beginner like me with his camera set on a small gorillapod with self timer at 14,439 feet, wont be able to do it and get a good picture.
I have finished till “Drop in the bucket” trick according to Yoyoexpert learn section. But I have 3-4 days and I can learn a mount if you guys will suggest something which is advanced than what I do right now.
Thanks in advance guys. Any help or suggestion would be much appreciated


Ifle tower is a good one for summits and France


Let’s see…
A gyro flop would be nice .w.
I go into my favorite mount which is from speed tricks.
It’s the mount after the bailed out 1.5 (a swing counterclockwise on your right) from Hiroyuki Suzuki’s and Tatsuya Fujisaka’s speed tricks. Sorry I don’t have pics.


I’d agree with a simple eiffel tower. looks cool and is fairly simple. also, and type of gt would looks sweet. but, if you can, I’d do something like a ladder mount. that’s pretty simple and looks really cool and complex and will show the yoyo.


I learned Eiffel tower a while ago. I will practice that.
Ladder mount sounds interesting. I’ll definitely look into it. Gyro flop also is equally interesting.
Now only if I could learn it by the June 1st.

Thanks much for your comments. I really appreciate it.


yeah, the ladder mount is basically a fancy looking double or nothing. its fairly simple ones you understand it. I would do that since it looks like its fait complex even though its not. :wink:


Eiffel tower and double-or-nothing are pretty good standby mounts. If it takes a while for the photographer to get set up for the picture, you probably want something you can hold for a while and easily correct if need be.