Favorite Mount?

What’s your favorite mount(s)? Mine’s 1.5 Mount and Magic Drop to the front string. :slight_smile:

Double or nothing

Wrist Mount.

behind the back double or nothing.


wrist moung

Double or Nothing

Houdini Mount definitely.

trapeze mount

I’ve been fairly obsessed with 1 1/2 lately…

Hoodini, and whatever you call the crossarmed trapeze and bro thing. Some how I forgot the name of it. You can get into it by doing going into a crossarmed trapeze but instead doing a trapeze and bro sotra thing. Or, you can get into it by doing a 1.5 and then crossing your in yoyo hand over your yoyo hand.


Trapese. I’ve been experimenting with complex tricks out of simple mounts lately. I’ve also been doing a ton of stuff out of wrist whip lately too

Ladder Mount.

keep your yoyo spinning


Trapeze and 1 and 1/2 mount.

You can get into any trick with those…

double or nothing. cause you can do so much with it

I gotta say, I use trapeze or houdini the most

double or nothing easily. add a poll

Double or nothing but I do a lot with trapeze too.