Favorite Mount?

Since i think about YoYoing all the time, i was thinking of the different Mounts and wich one i like most and why. I wanted to ask you guys if you have a favorite Mount and why that is, maybe just a awesome Trick from that Mount?
For me the coolest Mount is the Wrist Mount, i just think it looks awesome! Also the idea of it basicelly just being a knot, spread by your hands, is just cool to me xD.
My favorite Tricks overall are probably Spirit Bomb, and (just learned it today) Superman, which are both Wrist Mount tricks and they look so amazing.
I just love this Mount, so many cool ways to get into, and out of it. Eventhough i´m not able to do most of them jet :wink:

so what about you?

My favorite would also be the wrist mount. I like it cause there are just UNLIMITED options for combos and tricks in the wrist mount.

1 1/2 mount! Lots of stuff you can do from it and my fav combos start or use it

I like the 1 1/2 and Houdini.
If I was more advanced then I would say yoyoguy345’s answer.

Wrist Mount is where it’s at!

Double or Nothing and 1.5 (figure 8s FTW)

I like that “and whut” mount that Jensen uses alot. I use it too much ;D

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Trapeze stall

1.5 mount and kamikaze mount. I just pearned how to go from one to the other really easily.

Its a tie between wrist mount and one and a half mount.

Wrist mount and double or nothing if you use both properly they can make amazing stuff!

Where’s the Houdini love?

The Houdini mount is like the Double or Nothing’s older, better, brother.

Definitely wrist mount :wink:

I liked the Houdini! Haha

1.5 and magic drop!

That’s not technically a mount, is it?

i would call it a mount, dont know if it technicelly is, but its a point from wich tricks are started, so its a mount to me xD i call it magic mount myself^^

The magic drop resulting mount is just a trapeze pulled open with a half twist, right?

I don’t think so?

Anyways, magic drop is my favorite mount. It’s the only trick I know that has a rejection in it so it is very different from other stuff I know.

No love to plain old trapeze. But I use alot of chopstick, 1.5, houdini, magic drop, trapeze